Alberto "Alan Wrench" Ciccone

"Lemme fix it for ya!"


After the Hover Biker Gang “Cthulhu’s Angels” drift away, you drive your BeyEmVey under the big red and yellow neon sign “Alen Wrench: Fixer of Things”

“A beauty! What a bee-u-tee!” booms Alan’s voice “But what in Vulcan’s name have you done to the poor VeyDrive? Why can’t you rookies ever use the right fuel?

The jovial fat man with a cyber-tech arm shoos away a baboon (yes, really) and without any further notice begins disassembling you Vey.



Alan is the sixth son out of twelve (plus three sisters!) on Sicilian emmigrants. His parents Luca and Mariamartha left Romea after the Holy See was annexed by the Imperial Scientific Council and forbade any sexual relationship outside the Imperial Breeding program.

Alan, born in the algae farm his parents operated in the Great Plains in 2108, his great talent for fixing anything broken was a great asset to his parent who had many mouths to feed, but he could not really fit into their ideas about the world (and its creator).

He left home with 15 and wandered in the law-less Plains, rode with Hover Bikers, and eventually found his way to Newer York. After a few years, his skill made him famous (at least in a district or two), and he cashed in enough to open his shop at Lavender Junction, between the high rises of District 3, the Port District (24) and old scruffy District 34.

Alberto makes a decent living with his job and knows his way around Newer York’s 27 million society, serving Bikers and Bankers alike.

Alberto "Alan Wrench" Ciccone

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