Ray Mccoy

Cop down, too soon


Ray McCoy is a Cop/Detective past his prime. The rough life on the streets of Newer York has driven him into the arms of sweet mother rum.
He is an imposing figure – 182cm/84kg – and is still quite athletic. His dark hair is thinning and more often than not unwashed, matching his three-day-stubble and slightly saggy jowls.


McCoy was born in 2112AD in Newer York to Edi, a lieutenant in the Atlantica Corps, and Paryah neƩ Perry, a jazz singer.

His athletics got him into police academy where he soon met Nick Moor, two years his senior and everything Ray ever wanted to be.

Ray married Jolene Jersey, an intelligent climatology student, in 2031, after passing his freshman’s year with flying colors. Soon after, partying and experimentation with the all too readily available drugs brought down his perfrmance at the academy, but he still managed to graduate with honors and hit his first job…

Newer York District 34 is a rough place. Organized crime and greedy governorship go hand in hand. McCoy, always quite suscepitble to substances, made a habit out of a shot of rum in the morning, just to blot out the first few hours at work. His gists where to find the gangs made him a good cop, and his propensity to draw blood a bad one.

Jolene loved Ray as much as anyone, but she often felt that the drunken man who came home in the evening was not Ray. After ten years of marriage, she left to Romea, where she had a job offer at the Imperial University in Constantinopel.

McCoy decended into corruption without Jolene’s moral support and though he still looks up to Nick, now serving in District 1, he cannot find enough grit to get his life together…

Ray Mccoy

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